KARCO Engineering, LLC. was founded in 1994 by Mr. Frank D. Richardson with the goal of creating a completely independent and unbiased automotive test facility. With no commercial or financial interest in any product, KARCO can focus on performing the highest quality objective testing. 

Since its inception, KARCO has performed thousands of full scale dynamic tests and static component tests, ranging from standardized compliance testing to certification testing to unique individual specialty testing. KARCO's goal is to perform the best possible objective test with the most accurate results possible.

KARCO has been performing highway hardware testing for certification since 1997. Over that time we have tested everything form cable fences to crash cushions to sign supports. Since 2008 KARCO has been ISO 17025:2005 accredited to perform NCHRP 350 testing, with MASH being added to our scope of accreditation in 2011. Our personnel are familiar with the specific technical requirements of both NCHRP 350 and MASH testing for certification, and can accommodate nearly any TL-1, TL-2 or TL-3 testing.

In 2018 KARCO has been purchased by the Applus Group