Handling Testing

When dynamic handling (with a live driver) is required, KARCO will install outriggers to protect the test vehicle during any intended or unscheduled rollover maneuver.

An instrumentation package can be installed to record dynamic data parameters that include the following: pitch, yaw, roll, velocity, acceleration, throttle positions, steering wheel position and more. 

Brake Testing

The VBOX III makes it possible for us to perform all Federal Motor Safety Standard brake tests. KARCO Engineering has the necessary water submersion trough to saturate brakes, as well as an inclined concrete slab to test parking brakes. We have performed brake testing on a huge variety of vehicles, including motorcycles, RV's, limousines, and buses.

KARCO Engineering conducts the testing required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to determine compliance with the motor vehicle safety standards that address vehicle brake system performance. This includes the following tests: FMVSS 105, 122, and 135.