KARCO Engineering, LLC. is an independent test laboratory and automotive research center. KARCO is devoted to providing research and development, design evaluation, compliance, certification, and highway testing services.

Some examples of the automotive and highway safety tests performed at KARCO are the following:

  • accident re-construction
  • research and development (R&D)
  • crash cushions
  • traffic barriers
  • support structures
  • traffic controlled devices
  • mechanical systems
  • occupant protection
  • braking
  • handling
  • durability tests

In today's safety conscious environment, vehicle and safety equipment manufacturers need a test laboratory that is up-to-date on the latest requirements and test methods. KARCO has a talented and experienced team of experts that have participated in thousands of tests, spanning over 35 years of automotive research, crash testing and evaluation. 

KARCO Engineering, LLC is accredited by the International Accreditation Service (IAS). You may view our IAS Testing Laboratory Certification of Accreditation here

KARCO's Scope of Accreditation 

  • ASTM Standard F 2656-07
  • NCHRP 350, including Parts A and B
  • SD-STD-02.01 Revision A
  • Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) 
  • BS EN 1317-1:2010, -2:2010, -3:2010, DD ENV 1317-4:2002
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) New Car Assessment Program
    • Frontal Impact
    • Side Impact Moving Deformable Barrier
    • Side Impact Rigid Pole
  • Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 
    • 301, 305, 206, 208, 214D, 214P, 216, 216A, 223